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Property Training

Grow Your Property Portfolio & Business Fast Training

Paying 1000's in property training? 

Fed up of not getting results? 

Have had enough of your 9-5 job?

Want to build a multi-million £ portfolio and business? 

Want to build business passive income so situations like covid-19 don’t affect your income?

1.     Want to learn how to build your own portfolio with little of your own money?

2.     Want to start doing your own development deals, learn from seasoned investors behind the scenes on how to become a developer, and start building your own portfolio? Either it's – 

a.     Planning uplifts

b.     Development projects

c.     Refurb projects 

3.     Want to learn how to source below market value properties and or developments?

4.     How to analyse any kind of deal.

5.     Buying discounted blocks or portfolios

6.     HMO's

7.     Serviced Accommodation's

8.     BTL's

9.     Rent to Rent (R2R). You will learn most of all strategies to make it work for you.

10.  Learn how to expand your investor's database.

11.  Learn how to create a strong personal and professional brand.

12.  Learn how to find investors to invest in your projects.

13.  Learn how to scale your property business.

Every week a new training video is uploaded which you get access to including all the previously recorded videos. 

The value of these training sessions is well over £20,000. You can access to these online trainings starting from as little as £3 a day. 

Our aim is to provide trainings so we could all get more deals done together.

Existing Reps sharing their experience here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvp630ozEfM

Get the first week for absolutely free, spaces are limited so grab yours here now - https://py.pl/16cQBR

Once done, give us a call on 07886962647.