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About Us

Property Entrepreneurs Network (PEN) is a technology platform helping property investors expand their portfolio and power teams.

You can connect with all professionals from property world on the PEN platform who are rated by the users for absolutely free and grow your power teams. 

Our vision long term is to bring property people closer so we could all achieve more together.

We stand for to never charge for training programs and help everyone to learn how to expand their portfolio for freedom.

#PEN initially was something we started to create to help us leverage as a system for us to do more property and finance deals. It turned out that other people in the property industry wanted to use the same system to leverage their business. So, we decided to open it for everyone to help them leverage and expand their portfolio.

Official Intro video of PEN -

Generate New Business for Yourself for FREE when you provide service to property industry. 

Get registered on PEN and have investors call you directly for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Categories we cover are –

1. Property Investors – find awesome property deals, save them, call agents and grow your portfolio. 

Also after one click registration, in the description, please write what you are looking for in terms of property deals and have agents send you deals. 

2. Property Agents / Sourcers – Upload your properties and have investors call you directly for free.

3. Looking for JV collaborations?

Upload your project on PEN in joint venture collaborations category and have investors call you directly for free. 

Get registered with one click and have investors call you directly for free for new business for all the categories below –

4. Builders

5. Property Solicitors

 6. Property Accountants

 7. Architects

 8. Property Recruitment Companies

 9. Property Developers

 10. Suppliers – Material Suppliers

 11. Consultants – Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors and other consultants

 12. Electricians

 13. Brickies

 14. Carpenters

 15. Roof specialists

 16. Kitchen fitters

 17. Bathroom fitters

 18. Painters

 19. Window companies

 20. Plumbers

 21. Interior designers

 22. Property Finance Brokers

 Get registered here now-

You can registered in as many categories as you like, every time you click a new category, the system creates a new profile page for that category within your own main profile.

Maintain a good service level to get top rating. Investors are allowed to rate you on the PEN platform. By maintaining a high review rating, you will attract more business in future and you can also showcase it as your achievement on your profile everywhere.

Please get registered from your laptop or a desktop and not mobile. Even though it’s a mobile friendly platform but not for registrations.

If you come across any issues while registering, please call Jack on 07886962647 and he will take you through the process.

Get registered here now-

If you would to collaborate with us then either email us on [email protected] or call Jack on 07886962647.